ConneXt Small Groups

“ConneXt” is FFMC’s small group ministry. These small groups, of up to 6-8 people each, are about growing our discipleship while sharing life together. “ConneXt” is based on the historic “class meeting” pioneered by Methodism’s founder, John Wesley. (“Connexion” is spelled with an “x” in Wesley’s day and the “X”, or “Chi”, is also the first letter of “Christ” in biblical Greek.)

Each “ConneXt” group lasts for 60 minutes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Some groups meet in-person while others use Zoom or even a hybrid format using both.  Groups are open to ALL!

We have 5 active ConneXt groups.

Available times with openings: Sunday 7 pm, and Tuesday 7 am

Contact the FFMC office ( or 206.535.2075) to make a selection for your preferred day and time to meet.